Sweet March Block

I’ve been sewing up a storm here. I’ve been working on a little picture tutorial for the baby 9-patch quilt that I like to make and I’m almost done the pictures to write about that. In the mean time I quickly completed the March Sugar Block Club block. It’s called Forget Me Not. Here is a picture of the pattern from the club email…

Amy Gibson is doing all of her blocks in solids.

I really like how this one turned out and I finally got to use one of the darker fabrics in the range…




I’m quite chuffed with how all three have turned out so far and I love how they go together…


This was a super quick and fun block so I decided to use the pattern for block 8 of my retro Christmas quilt too…

The wee skater in the centre is too adorable!

I tried to take a picture of all the Christmas blocks that I have done so far. It was hard to fit it all in but here you go…

Most of these blocks were done with mom at a quilt and knitting shop in Streetsville, ON called Ruti’s Needlebed. Having some instruction in more traditional and complicated quilt blocks was helpful. It was interesting to learn some different techniques. I feel much more confident now that I can figure many things out on my own. It is also much easier to watch the Craftsy.com videos that go along with the Sugar Block Club because I have more quilting basics under my belt. (That being said the learning videos on Craftsy are well done and easy to follow even for a true beginner.)


5 thoughts on “Sweet March Block

  1. Nice blocks. My Feb. and March are cut out. I just need to take the time to sew them together. Chuffed? Is that British?

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