Si Si Si Rome Duo

Poor John had to work today so didn’t get to come with me to walk around Ancient Rome. To begin, I admit I was a bit worried about going to the Colosseum area because super touristy things are not normally my thing and I can usually pass them up easily. I had time today though and I was very happy I did get my combined ticket of the Forum, the Palatino area and Colosseum for €12. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the audio guide because I didn’t have ID on me, oops. You can see pretty much everything from the road but I think it was worth it to walk down in the ruins. I entered through the Forum gates, the centre of the Roman Republic…






From the Forum you walk up the Palatine Hill to where the Emperor and upper crust of society resided. You can completely see why because it overlooked the city and would have been surrounded by lovey gardens and trees…




You get a lovely view of the next stop from up here…

20130226-111638 PM.jpg

Yes, the Colosseum. I really was taken with it and I’m a bit surprised. It was amazing. It was like an old Sky Dome! (Without the baseball and more of the gambling on which gladiator or animal would survive type event!)…

20130226-112012 PM.jpg

20130226-112146 PM.jpg

20130226-112325 PM.jpg

20130226-112422 PM.jpg

It is also quite amazing how seamlessly this structure fits into everyday Rome life today…

20130226-112616 PM.jpg

Of course the road leading to the Colosseum is full of people trying to take your money. This is one I haven’t seen before…it also gets weird shot of the day…

20130226-112916 PM.jpg

Before meeting John at the end if the day I took a closer look at Capitoline Hill…see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier…

20130226-113216 PM.jpg

20130226-113347 PM.jpg

No crafty finds this trip unfortunately but I admit I wasn’t looking.

So, arrivederci Roma…

20130226-113907 PM.jpg


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