Knit Knit Little Red

Confession…I think I misjudged the gauge on my Boardwalk vest and it may be a bit small. Hmmmmmm…I’m usually very careful about these things etc. but not sure what I was thinking exactly lol!!! It definitely fits but will need some serious wet blocking. Oh well, I’ll salvage it, not fretting drastically yet. You be the judge…





I’ve picked up for the neck which took a bit to figure out and now for the fun mitred square bit. I don’t know how much that will pull things in at the front but we’ll see.

For now John and I are off to Rome for 3 days so no knitting. Unfortunately, we are stuck at the airport because the flight is 2 hrs delayed. Can’t complain though because I am getting to go to Italy for the first time! Gelato updates to follow (I’ll definitely get pistachio to start!)


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