My new home: West London

NO we are not moving BUT if we had a ton of money and were to move to London I quite liked the areas we found this weekend. John, being a bit of an Ad man, was excited to see that with our new National Trust card we could go to the Brand Museum in London at half price. We didn’t know what it would be like but it is in the really nice part of Notting Hill so we decided to give it a go…

20130218-063330 PM.jpg
It was a small little museum tucked away in a side street but worth a check out. It was dark inside so pictures aren’t the best but I’ve added a few. I especially loved the displays where they took a brand and showed its packaging from when it started to today…





The alley way beside the museum was even more impressive…


We walked towards the posh shops in the area and happened across an Ottolenghi restaurant. Of course we had to stop!…



We decided to walk from here to our friend’s house in Hammersmith. The houses along the way were amazing. We can only dream…


Sunday was gorgeous and sunny so we took the opportunity to following one of our London walking tours that actually started just outside our friend’s house. We walked towards the Thames and then continued on a path up to the Chiswick High St. area…









Special mention for the day has to be the back of this church where we saw flowers blooming!…


London really amazes…you can walk in not so nice areas with busy motor ways beside and then a few blocks away you walk through a lovely park and find a large heritage home, ugh!…



As it was such a nice day we decided to take a bus back to St. Pancras which is such a lovely and cheap way to sight see. It took us about an hour, so not the quickest, but you do get to see the outside of St. Pancras…is it wrong to love a train station so much? I love that we have to stop here every time we come in…


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