Au Revoir Paris

Paris tired us out! It was a whirl wind rest of trip and I don’t know where the time went. The weather stayed cold and rainy for the rest of the weekend but of course it didn’t stop us. We started with trying to find a few crafty stores, as you do in a new city right? We found a few that were supposed to have yarn and fabric but really had more cutsie gifts. Then we found La Droguerie. Despite one of the woman yelling at me from behind the counter to not take pictures it was a lovely shop. Oops!



20130206-064508 PM.jpg

20130206-064523 PM.jpg

20130206-064548 PM.jpg
Ooo la la right!

Then we wandered over to Notre Dame…

Ahhhh Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite…how Les Mes!!!!!!

And there it was…

In all it’s glory…


Extra large touristy areas aren’t really our thing so we headed across the river from Notre Dame to Ile Ste Louis…


We had lunch at a quaint restaurant and then checked out the little shops on this teeny tiny island…


20130206-065850 PM.jpg
And of course I had to enjoy a real hot chocolate, thick and creamy!…

20130206-070017 PM.jpg

After walking back from this island you get a stunning view of Notre Dame…


Near Notre Dame were a few interesting things, of course the Latin Quarte, but before that we spotted the Arab World Institute which was a bizarrely modern and old world looking building. Out the front were these too cute elephants…

Oddly near here was a quilt shop…

Apparently run by an American lady. Unfortunately, not my style too country but not many pure quilt stores in Paris so, there you go.

Before we left to go and explore the famed Latin Quarter we found Lover’s bridge where lovers write their name on a lock and put it on the fence, ahhhhhhhhhh…


The Latin Quarter has restaurants and little shops to explore. How odd to find a Canadian bookstore stocked filled with books; there was even a whole section on travel in Canada…

20130206-071445 PM.jpg

20130206-071458 PM.jpg

I didn’t buy a book on Saturaday but I did get the cutest camera case on this day which I think is me in Paris!…

And so Saturday ends.

On the first Sunday of the month the Louvre and Musee D’Orsay are free so we took advantage…

How funny am I taking pictures of people taking pictures of the Mona Lisa ha ha ha…



Look what I found at a shop for breakfast. They all had little hats for charity…

That’s a lot of knitting as they were all over Paris in different shops in all different colours.

One of the most interesting things we did on Sunday was to visit the Catacombs. It would have been creepy except it was so artistically done. In the underground of Paris you can walk for Km’s and see the old Lime Quarries as well as where they put some 6 million bodies when the Paris cemeteries were too over crowded. These are real human bones…

It was hard to get a good picture but you can google it, it’s a fascinating piece of history.

We finished the day with the Tour de Eiffel at night…


On Monday we didn’t leave until later in the day so we were able to see the famous Champs-Elysées and Arc de Triomphe. I loved imagining being there in July to see the Tour de France whiz by; maybe we will have to make another trip!…





All in all a wonderful weekend getaway. Thank you John. I love you!

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