Allez Allez Petite Rouge

Bonjour! Finally, John has taken me to Paris as a Christmas/anniversary treat. We are very excited. Not sure how I’ve never been to Paris though. It’s super easy on the Euro Star…

20130201-092332 PM.jpg

29 mins to St. Pancras and then about 2 1/2 hours on the train and we were at Gare Du Nord…

20130201-093701 PM.jpg

Despite the yucky drizzly weather we made the most of our first day. We are staying in the Montmartre area, actually just around the corner from the Moulin Rouge (not sure if John really planned it for that…)


Anyways…we checked into the hotel and bizarrely I was taken with the mobile phone charging centre! Really! Totally clever and weird; yet, I used it to charge my kindle because I forgot mine, 2 euros for 1/2 hr…

20130201-093213 PM.jpg

Our first real stop was actually the famous cemetery just beside the hotel…

20130201-092703 PM.jpg
Wow, who knew that a cemetery could be so historic, beautiful, impressive, kinda creepy and magical all at once…

20130201-092852 PM.jpg

20130201-092917 PM.jpg

20130201-092933 PM.jpg

As we made our way to the Basilique Sacre Coeur we found Paris’ only vineyard and a neat little restaurant, famous for some one or something…



We caught the end of a mass too…



It looks like I didn’t care for the view but I did. You could see all of Paris…


Of course we had to walk back through the Place Du Tertre with its cafes and artists…


Around the corner from here we found a small Dali museum. John really likes him so we went. He was surprised that he had done so many sculptures. It was a very informative audio tour. I was just happy it was an odd time to go and there was only 1 other person there so I took some photos…




After this we decided to get a coffee and on the way came across the funny scene of the day. Seriously!!! It brings a whole new meaning to “drive thru”…


We got a picnic of wine, bread, cheese and olives for the hotel room and both fell asleep on the bed for a nap. You know you are old when…

Off to bed now. We have a big day of touring planned. I’ve even looked up a few yarn and fabric shops to check out. Stay tuned mes amis.

(P.S. Mel, I need your French!!! I’m too shy. At least I can read most things!)

(P.P.S. just looked out our hotel window and we have Tour de Eiffel room with a view!)…

20130201-101535 PM.jpg
Honestly, look closely between the buildings. It’s all lit up lol…

20130201-101744 PM.jpg

One thought on “Allez Allez Petite Rouge

  1. What a wonderful gift .Give John a big Hug. We have not been to Paris but perhaps on our next cruise early in June
    around the British Isles.Look forward to more pictures. Have fun ,make memories Love Grammie.

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