It’s Growing

I’ve been trying to knit on my knitter’s fair project every night and it’s growing nicely. It’s done in the round so it is taking awhile to look like I’m making a dent and I’m not the slowest knitter! I’m past the waist shaping. I also did an extra inch and 1/2 before the shaping because I want to make it a bit longer. Now I just need to knit for 11 inches, not including the Welt bottom pattern…


The boredom of straight knitting has been ok because I’m enjoying using my new yarn bowl that I got from Julie for Christmas. It makes the knitting a more pleasant experience…




Thank you Julie!

5 thoughts on “It’s Growing

  1. That bowl is soo cool! I wonder where she got it from? Kate and I have been trying to knit again. She finished her first scarf and I’m still working on mine but we both got more wool so that is a good sign 🙂 Kate got her first set of knitting needles that are joined and can do the round. She is wanting to make cowl scarfs because she loves them and is looking for pattern books currently. We will look for the one you posted on here as well. Hope you had a nice visit and a wonderful 2013!! Hugs ❤ Lisa

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