The Big Reveal

Time to reveal this year’s Knitting Fair sweater. For the past few years I’ve knit a new sweater for the Toronto Knitters Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre and the KW Knitter’s Fair in the fall. Last year Lynn and I did the same one…


This year Julie and I thought a Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed pattern would be fun to try. We narrowed it down to a couple and we chose this one from Wool People 3, by Heidi Kerrmaier…


I chose Tosh Merino Light in Rainwater…


I couldn’t wait to get started and wound yarn before I left for the UK…



I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting the ribby bottom but am happy it’s done in the round from now on and good thing I had 7 hours to knit on the plane!!! I got a lot done. Here’s the progression thus far…




I think the people sitting around me on the plane thought I was crazy because I was the only one on the plane with my light on knitting through 3 1/2 movies. You’d think I would have got more done but it’s 4 ply after all, give me a break! It needs to be done by April 27 though so I think I’ll be ok. I can’t wait to get to the neck shaping part, too bad it’s at the end up at the neck!

Feels good to be home despite the nasty cold weather and snow here, ugh.

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