Cowl Me Cozy

The Christmas holidays seem to be great for getting things done! (In my case an extended trip home which sadly ends today.) Mom and I have been doing this cowl for awhile now…


from Cowlgirls…


We knit it in Misty Alpaca which is soooooooo soft and yummy. Available of course at The Needle Emporium. This was our first creation (we actually did the same colour without knowing), love the light mix of colours…

20130114-101729 AM.jpg

Then mom did this one for herself but she wouldn’t model so here I am with it up…

20130114-102238 AM.jpg
And down…

20130114-102312 AM.jpg

These were both done in Misty Alpaca Handpainted. Lastly, I just whipped one up for Lady Fia’s mummy in regular Misty Alpaca and it turned out pretty too…

20130114-102459 AM.jpg

Gotta love the cowl, especially the hug the neck kind. Happy cowl knitting!


5 thoughts on “Cowl Me Cozy

  1. …honoured to be mentioned in your blog – my kids get the lions’ share of your attention these days! And honoured too, to have such a gorgeous cowl to do my ‘Mum’ thing out in public! Thank you Sarah.

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