Lucky Girl

Geez it’s like Christmas all over again for me. Mom made another pair of fingerless gloves and this time they were for me. Well, actually I knew about them because I picked the colour but still she got them finished before I left to go back to the UK…

20130113-031427 PM.jpg

20130113-031452 PM.jpg

20130113-031521 PM.jpg

20130113-031544 PM.jpg

They are so sweet and mom enjoys whipping them up. She thinks they would look cute as mitts too and I agree. I think she might try that alteration next. If she does I’ll make sure to blog about the changes she makes and how they turn out.

The really neat thing about these fingerless gloves is the pattern. It is quite retro and lovely…

20130113-032015 PM.jpg

20130113-032034 PM.jpg

20130113-032057 PM.jpg

And this is the pattern that you pull out of little folder…

20130113-032236 PM.jpg

I think this pattern flew off the shelves at the Needle Emporium but I know Julie still has the yarn and I’m sure she can get more of the pattern. Apparently, the men’s hat pattern from this company that she has is also a big hit with the boys.


One thought on “Lucky Girl

  1. Hi!

    Hope you are enjoying 2013! I saw these gloves done in Red….the pattern is in the new Canadian Living Magazine and I thought of you so I bought it. Would you like the pattern?

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