Working On It

I’ve actually had some nice time to knit over the past week and as I finished the striped baby cardi I only had Noro blanket squares to knit. When I travel I usually try and bring something a bit smaller to work on and for the last while I’ve been taking Noro Kureyon with me to make another Log Cabin knit blanket. This is popular blanket to make as it uses self-striping yarns and is knit together rather than each block being sewn together. You may remember that when we first moved to the UK I fixed the one I had given to John’s sister’s family. Bunnies and 4 children didn’t work with a non-lined knit blanket so I added this purple polka soft canvas fabric…

20130108-031202 PM.jpg

You can check out more about this blanket on my ravelry page here.

I have always wanted to do one for myself and have been working on the squares. They really don’t take any time at all and I’ve already managed to finish these in the last few days… (Note: pick an end of the ball to start with and don’t stress about missing out on the last bit of good colour. In the first one I did and I cut the ball to get a bit of nice colour at the end of the ball and really it didn’t matter in the end. It’s so colourful anyways. I was just being obsessed about it. It really just meant more ends to sew in for me!)

20130108-031501 PM.jpg

20130108-031522 PM.jpg

20130108-031546 PM.jpg

I’m going to put this blanket together with a nice dark purple instead of the black, even though I think the black looks stunning. I also have a red polka dot for the backing. I highly encourage backing this blanket. The back looks fairly finished without backing…

20130108-032657 PM.jpg
…but I was so pleased with how it turned out that I want to do it again. You can connect here to my earlier post where I describe how I lined this blanket.

I have a few more squares done at home. I think I need 25 in total because I wanted to make it a bit bigger. Maybe I’m on a roll with it now! We’ll see…


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