Sorry Isaac

Does this sweater count as my first crafty piece of the New Year? I worked the ends in and sewed on the buttons…I’m going to say it counts!…

20130104-110742 AM.jpg

20130104-110809 AM.jpg

20130104-110835 AM.jpg

20130104-110859 AM.jpg

This is from Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino 2…


You really can’t go wrong with stripes on a baby, unless that said baby is too big to wear the sweater! In this case dear little Lord Isaac could probably just fit into this 9-12mth sized cardi but alas he may have needed to be pried out! I assumed this might be the case but I only had yarn for this size because I was going to make it and have it ready for when he was born…my fault. I managed his mom’s expectations though and she kindly agreed that I would keep it for another baby to be born. I have a good friend expecting in February so if its a boy…

(Oh, incidentally, I have also made the shrug on the front cover. Very cute indeed, but it did need a huge soaking of a block to have it lay flat. You can see it here on my ravelry page… Hania’s Shrug)


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