Get Your Own Blog Mom!

No it’s not the new year yet but my mom keeps coming up with little blog ideas and I thought I would share some of her handy work for a change. She’s very funny though because I keep telling her she should have a blog of her own because she is really going nuts with the sewing lately. I think we have decided that she will make more regular contributions here as a guest blogger (her posts when she a visiting in the UK were well received). I was teasing her this morning to get her own blog but really I’m proud to share her craftiness.

There have been some interesting renovations going on in my parents house here in Cambridge. Now that the children seem to be moved out for good, look at what my room has become…

20121230-124952 PM.jpg

20121230-125022 PM.jpg

20121230-125058 PM.jpg

Of course her new sewing room is exceptionally neat and organised. There have been many pieces of furniture that have been taken from else where in the house and are now the loving home to a major fabric stash! She even got a professional ironing board for Christmas that will hopefully iron a fat quarter in one go. I’m really happy she has this space and I’m sure the projects will come fast and furious now. (Although, dad says she has been spending many hours already up in her “studio”.)

Mom is a knitter from way back and blames me for her recent foray into the world of quilting. Here are some of her Christmas crafty pressies for this year…

20121230-125658 PM.jpg

20121230-125715 PM.jpg

20121230-125737 PM.jpg

20121230-125753 PM.jpg
(The water bottle cover and wreaths are lovely little Church Mouse patterns from the Needle Emporium. )

20121230-010742 PM.jpg


20121230-125910 PM.jpg
(These are like the ones I made for John’s parents for Christmas. She also did about 10 sets for my Grandparents for each season and holiday of the year!)

And last but not least…

20121230-010156 PM.jpg

I think she’s done an amazing job on these items and I don’t know where she gets the time. I’m looking forward to completing some new things in the New Year too, now that I will be just supply teaching again. Although, I think I will first have to re-tidy and organise my lovely sewing room before I can start, mom’s space puts mine to shame!


9 thoughts on “Get Your Own Blog Mom!

  1. My son keeps saying he’s going to Germany for a post-grad- now I know what I can do with his room to ease the pain of his departure! But honestly, I know in advance that there’ll always need to be some major tidying up before a photo can be taken!

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