Merry Christmas

It feels very nice to be home at last for the holidays. I have had a touch of bronchitis though which did not make the plane ride very fun. Mom and John were at the airport to get me though and we made a traditional first stop on the way home!…

20121219-085049 AM.jpg

I was looking forward to a nice long break but I’ve been so busy so far with seeing friends and working some days in Canada. I even did the teacher’s strike yesterday!

But of course I’ve had time to see my little Lady Fia and Lord Isaac. Boy they have grown and Fia is talking amazingly…

20121219-085409 AM.jpg

20121219-085427 AM.jpg

We’ve even had time for a Starbucks date…

20121219-085554 AM.jpg

20121219-085612 AM.jpg

You have to go to a Chapters near you to see some of the nostalgic Fisher Price Toys. I almost bought this for myself but at $40 I thought twice…

20121219-085839 AM.jpg

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and that you’ve finished all your crafty gifts…because I haven’t yet, oops! I’ll write again in the new year.


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