Unfair or Love

It’s a good thing I’m filled with Christmas cheer and that I love my husband very much because I’m not known for settling for an inferior product. Ok, let me explain…John and I decided to get each other advent calendars this year because they all look so pretty here (and because my mom is too far away to fill my normal refillable Laura Secord one)…Not blaming mom in any way but I was secretly hoping that she might have given John some chocolates to John to fill up my calendar. Yes, I know I’m a big girl but look at this thing as you can tell from the post marks it’s travelled near and far to get to me at Christmas each year…



I decided to turn the boxes over anyways…


I was absolutely fine with it until I saw the advent calendar John got me compared to the one I got him. In all fairness I did see the calendar I wanted at M&S and loved the old fashioned picture but I was horrified to see that the chocolates that emerged were the size of my pinkie finger…


Now this is the one I found for John…

Check out those gourmet chocolates! Like I said it’s a good thing he’s perfect or I’d be trading in a heart beat!!!

On a different note, I got the joy of Christmas decorating from helping friends Susie, Josie and Bruno to decorate their family tree last night. They are sooooo sweet and were full of Christmas spirit…

I’m looking forward to seeing them again on Sunday for the Harpenden carol concert.


8 thoughts on “Unfair or Love

  1. Hi – I pop in to read your blog every once in a while via Julie’s Needle Emporium blog…….I have to say…..I bought Thornton’s advent calendars for the hubby and I this year – they look very similar to your M&S calendar.

    Now if the Hubby saw the Thornton’s one YOU were given….well, let’s just say there would be a revolt over here!!!!

    I wonder if they are on the Thornton’s web site….gotta go look!

    Have a wonderful Christmas – I so envy you getting to live in the UK – we visit often, the hubby is English, and I love visiting….I wonder what it would be like to live there LOL!

    • Hi Anne
      Thanks for your interesting comment. I love Thorntons chocolate so am quite jealous of John. Glad you have some though. I think I look at your blog sometimes too, through Julie. It is nice here but Canada is my true home in many ways!!! Looking forward to Christmas at home VERY much!!!

  2. Mom has been busy. Glad to see you and John are able to fill in for her. Don’t forget to bring your stockings home. Only 6 more sleeps till you’re here. Yeah!

  3. Oops, I just reread your post…..hmmm….you gave the Thornton’s to your hubby?!?!? Sorry I misunderstood….I thought he’d bought you the Thornton’s…….oh well, his heart was in the right place….but next year LOL!!! (Next year I’ll be checking out the Thornton’s web site earlier!)

  4. Hi Sarah: Just wanted to wish you a good trip home as your Mum said you were coming home on Saturday. I hope you all have a great Christmas together. We were in a Kate knitting class last Saturday, she is very excited to have you home. Regards Linda

  5. Thornton’s is amazing!! He better be perfect enough to share with his lovely wife!!!! I hope you have an awesome Christmas at home Sarah!

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