Christmas Cheer

John and I had a wonderful day yesterday wandering around London to enjoy the Christmas spirit. We started by getting off the train at BlackFriars to go to the Christmas Market on the South Bank. We got a bit side tracked first though because from there you can quickly see the amazing Tate modern building in an old power station…

Beside there is the Globe Theatre…


History collides as it does all over London because beside the Globe is the Millennium bridge…

What a view to St. Paul’s…

We walked to the middle of the bridge and took a look…

On the way to the market we saw some interesting shopping areas and the home of James Bond (MI6)!…


Check out this neat skate park…


Finally we found the market along the Thames to Big Ben. It was great. We had to have some mulled wine…

Don’t you just love these teeny Christmas trees. John says that’s a pretty normal size for here, very cute…

We should have got some classic roasted chestnuts too…

It was a beautiful day and the views were amazing from this side of the river…



We had quite the walk as well because we then trotted through the horse guard parade area…

Past the Canada building in Trafalgar Square…

And to the shopping area of Covent Garden where we ate at this amazing vegetarian restaurant…

It was crazy busy. You ate in the very small basement where ever you could get a seat and there were people lined up on the stairs to get in…

It was sooooo worth the wait.

Afterwards we walked around the Covent Garden are and stumbled on some unique sights. A gospel choir singing in the cold…

I have a video of them singing but can’t seem to work out how to add it to the blog yet. I’ll get John’s help.

At the actual Covent Garden covered shopping centre site there was another Christmas market…


Again a group playing music. It was magical.

The best was this huge advent calendar that will be opened everyday…


It was a Christmas treat to walk around with John all day! I sure feel in the spirit now.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

    • Hi thx.
      My cowl or snood as they are called here is the honey cowl pattern from the Madeline Tosh website. John’s is an old scarf I made out of Naturally Vero. Julie will have the pattern at the Needle Emporium. It was decreases at one end that formed sort of v’s or something.

  1. Is that a new Cath Kidston bag I see hanging off your shoulder? Is John’s scarf pattern the”multi directional scarf” pattern? I think you just have to Google it and it comes right up first.

  2. You should have had the chestnuts!!! So yum. Another boffo post. We took the family to London for Christmas one year and it was fantastic – expensive! – but fantastic. It’s great to enjoy your travels via your happy blog.

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