Back to Reality!

Well my friends have gone home and now it’s back to work for 3 weeks until I go home for Christmas. I sent them off with a cream tea at the Luton Hoo before they left so they would feel suitably English before they left…


After Liz left on Saturday we needed to think of something fun to do so we decided to put up some festive decorations. I know it’s a bit early and I usually wait until December before I even think about Christmas but as we are leaving halfway through December I wanted to enjoy my decorations. Check out our cute little white tree, it’s only 2 ft tall. The lights are red and it’s very white but I can’t seem to get a good picture with the lights on…



One day I’ll get a large white tree! It looks cute with our red decorations. Here are some shots from around the house. I love Christmas decorating…





Oh and I can’t forget “The Snowman” that I knit a few years ago. I’m not really into knitting toys but I love this character from the classic Snowman book…


6 thoughts on “Back to Reality!

  1. It was purchased at Terra Greenhouse on Hwy 6 just north of Hamilton. Don’t know if they have them now as this one was purchased several years ago.

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