Storm watch

We are keeping our eye on the wrath of Hurricane Sandy as my Grandparents make their way to the UK for a short visit today. Hopefully all will be well and they arrive at 8:30 tonight. I have lots of fun stuff planned!

I don’t know how much time I will have to cook while they are here so I used up some red peppers the other night in another River Cottage recipe…

20121030-081744 AM.jpg
They got a little overdone but peppers are supposed to be a bit charred right!

20121030-081846 AM.jpg

20121030-081859 AM.jpg
They were very tasty anyways. I’ve never stuffed a pepper with potato before. It was simply potato, pesto and feta. Way too simple but then again some of the nicest recipes are the most simple ingredients!

I better be off doing some extra cleaning for our guests!

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