Neat Food

Yeah! It is the half term break here in the UK next week. A whole week off school!!! We had a friend over last night and we did some cooking to celebrate. Of course I made a River Cottage Veg recipe. I tried these Honey Roasted tomatoes…

20121027-075024 AM.jpg

20121027-075059 AM.jpg
and a chickpea and squash curry dish. I just had to show the tomatoes though because they just look so cute and snuggly in their little dish. They came out so nice and juicy yet chewy. They were perfect with the only nice bread I could find in town, a rustic sourdough. I’m finding it a challenge to find an nice bakery here and the bread in the super markets isn’t the best.

I also got this Romanesco from my Riverford box this week and almost don’t want to eat it because it looks so luxurious. The crowned points are perfection. I’ve never actually cooked one myself but am looking forward to finding a recipe today. They are nuttier than Cauliflower apparently and hold their texture and structure when cooked…

20121027-075632 AM.jpg

At the risk of being really hippie like, aren’t we blessed with nature’s lovely gifts!!!

After dinner we tucked into a homemade Dutch Apple Pie. I had the dough frozen from earlier and John actually helped me to whip up the innards because I had my hands full with all the other new recipes. Grammie would be proud of our efforts. The first slice came out beautifully and the pie held its structure, ah pie perfection…

20121027-080321 AM.jpg

20121027-080335 AM.jpg

3 thoughts on “Neat Food

  1. You realize that with all your recent success with these recipes that you will be the one cooking all the meals when you come home in December. Thanks. Dad and I are certainly looking forward to it!

  2. I’m waiting for my copy of the River Cottage Veg cookbook to arrive. Hurry up Canada Post…there are veggies waiting to be cooked in my kitchen.

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