Quilts and Lunch

I got a surprise in the mail…well not really a surprise when you order them but hey! Two quilt books that I’ve been looking and reading about for awhile and a cookbook that I’ve been waiting for to come out…




There are definitely some good looking things in each. Not sure what I’ll make from the quilt books yet. I’m not sure why but I’m slightly disappointed by the recipes in the cookbook. I want to have some books that are by cooks famous in the UK so I was excited to see this new book by Anjum. My initial dislike is completely irrational and mostly stems from the fact that I have a weird problem with cookbooks that try and give it all by adding breakfast recipes. Bizarre I know but it just puts me off. I’m not unfair though and will wait to make my final decision! There are some interesting looking meals.

John tried his hand at baking this morning. Wait for it…he tried the family biscuit/scone recipe with currents. Actually, it’s the Edna Staebler recipe from “Food that Really Schmecks” but we call it our own now! He done good…


For lunch today back to River Cottage though…






I’m really into roasted squash right now so this mushroom, blue cheese, squash and arugula salad was just what the doctor ordered. I think it might also be good with some toasted walnuts. There are leftovers for tomorrow so I think I’ll try that…hmmmm…

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