British English

Arrrrgghhh foiled again! Funny story…I know that Brits think pancakes are crepes, ouch John just hit me in the arm, I mean Brits call pancakes what we would call crepes!
I got my new Riverford box and recipes and thought I’d make the squash pancakes recipe with the butternut squash in the box. I thought they were going to be pancakes with squash mashed in the mixture. I thought “cool, easy dinner”. But no it was actually “pancakes” aka crepes. Duh! I had my Canadian hat on. Soooo this means it took ages as I had to make crepes from scratch and roast the squash and make the cream and goat cheese sauce and fry the rosemary! So basically I’m exhausted now but John got a great dinner!…

20121011-063405 PM.jpg

20121011-063444 PM.jpg

This weeks delivery was cool because I got a cute little binder for my Riverford recipes. Gotta love a cute binder!

20121011-063821 PM.jpg

20121011-063835 PM.jpg

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