Freaky Alien Boy

Sooooooo you may or may not have noticed that my knitting endeavours have been somewhat lacking lately. No reason why in particular but every now and then I just don’t feel like it. Right now I don’t have a choice though because I have a baby boy sweater to finish for a little one that is growing like a weed and the weather is only getting chillier in Canada everyday! I’m stressing out because this is the brother of Lady Fia and her parents are the opposite of short. I’m making the 6-12 month size hoping it will fit him for this fall but honestly I’ll be lucky if he gets into it for a day. It’s one of those things that I really want to do but keep putting off hoping that the knitting fairy will whip it up for me when I’m not looking…and I only have to do the collar, boarders and sew in the sleeves, come on right!

Here’s where it gets spooky though…Halloween is coming you know…I got the knitting out of my basket tonight and pulled out the wrinkled photocopy of the pattern (I like to copy my patterns so I can write on them) and I noticed it was all water stained. I opened it to this picture…

20121004-095816 PM.jpg
I should probably be more concerned about how it got water stained but my knitting appears to be fine. It could have happened on my last flight back to the UK because I had this knitting with me. I don’t know if the creepiness is coming through in the picture but the beady little alien eyes freak me out.

The cardi (see how British I can be, cardi he he he) on the other hand is coming along smashingly (he he he did it again)! …

20121004-100146 PM.jpg

Will try and finish this weekend. I can’t wait to see it with the Union flag buttons.

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