One Reason to Like the UK

2 words, Home Deliveries! You may remember my fascination with my Graze boxes that I get ordered to the house. A couple times a week I get these boxes with healthy portioned snacks. The mail here is so fast that they can deliver anything by mail. Well, my next find is just as neat, no not milk delivery, that’s old news…it’s organic fruit and veg boxes. Once a week I get a mystery box of organic veggies and fruit. Apparently, there are many companies that do this service but I’ve joined up with Riverford. You get to pick the kind of box you want and all the items come from local organic farms. You also get recipes to go with the veggies they send. I love that it’s a surprise every Wednesday. You can go online and look at what’s coming but I prefer the anticipation of getting home Wednesday night and seeing what’s there. Here is a pic of my first box…




The veg are super tasty. It has forced me to try new recipes because I don’t want the food to go bad. I’ve ordered extra things for this Wednesday because I’m going to have a Canadian Thanksgiving here with John’s parents. I ordered a squash box so we will see what fall goodies come in that!

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