Weekend Construction

This weekend I decided I’d finally get off my butt and update my blog appearance. Shamefully, when I started the blog last Christmas I meant to jazz it up but then just never did. I love the photo section because I like to add a lot of photos. If you see a photo of interest all you have to do is click on one and it will take you to that blog post. The only thing I’m not terribly crazy about is that the post does not appear in full but I’m going to live with that for now and see how I like it. I’ve also updated the “About” section…check it out. I’ve also added pages for finished projects…now I just have to add the pictures! I’ve been meaning to take pictures for a while now of three early and special knitting projects. The “About” section inspired me to take the photos today…This is the first sweater I ever knit! Classic pattern eh…check out more in the “About” section. Next, is the first sweater I knit when mom and I began Julie’s knitting classes all those years ago. I wonder if she thought I was ambitious and was surprised that I finished so quickly. I used Brownsheep Bulky for this traditional creation. The red sweater is the sweater I knit when I was in New Zealand. It is made from Naturally’s old Merino and Possum. I’ve got rid of many sweaters over the years that I just don’t see myself wearing anymore but I could never part with these!

This weekend was also very exciting for John because he got to do his kayaking test at the Olympic Whitewater centre. Many will know that John has a background in paddling but don’t know how good he really is! This was the first weekend that the course was open so we drove the 45 min to Waltham Abbey so that he could be assessed to paddle on the Olympic section of the course. He used to be heavily involved in the British Canoe Union for Slalom and ran into some old mates. We saw Paul Ratcliffe the Olympic Silver medalist from the Sydney games who was also excited to get out on the new course. It was crazy busy with playboats and rafts but I think watching the slalom paddlers is a work of art. Here’s John on the Olympic course…

Go John go!

Afterwards, we went to check out Waltham Abbey itself. Not the best area but the history of the Abbey is amazing. The original Abbey dates back to the 7th century. It also has quite a bit of history involving the favourite King Henry VIII…

It was a beautiful sunny day and nice to be outside. All blog construction happened today, Sunday, because it’s been grey and rainy. Perfect for sewing though and I’ve worked hard on John’s parent’s placemats and finished my Ghastlies top…Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Weekend Construction

  1. Uber glam indeed! Well done – it looks very professional and is super easy to navigate. And look at you up there riding your stallion!

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