Seaside Fun

On Saturday John and I were in full tourist mode and decided to go to the seaside town of Brighton. It’s a wee bit tacky and touristy but a fabulous example of a British seaside town. I was excited to come because if you’ve read any Jane Austen books you will know that the characters were always heading to Brighton or Bath for their relaxation. One of the old Victorian Piers is still there but has been destroyed by various fires and sits abandoned in the water. There is still a very old looking pier that you can go on with carnival rides…


There were some great views and interesting details to be seen on and around the pier…




I’ve never been to a pebble beach before, I don’t think, and couldn’t believe that it was actually natural!…


Of course I couldn’t resist a ride on the old carousel. John had a good laugh but it was sooooo fun. I used to love getting the horse that moved up and down. I was happy to see that all the horses moved on this one!…



The fun didn’t stop there. We read in the guide book that there was an awesome vegetarian restaurant in Brighton and boy was it right. It was probably the best meal I’ve had here since moving, yum, yum, yum…


Don’t ask me to remember what all the food was but it was Asian inspired mostly I’d say.

Walking around the shopping area was fairly pretty too, we didn’t stray too far but did see some old buildings and quaint streets…



And…check this out…the new line of Cath Kidson bags have a red spot one!!!!…didn’t get one though boo, trying to be good…


On our walk we found the Royal Pavilion built by George the IV, I think. It was stunning but obviously a different architectural style…



We didn’t go in because we were getting tired and wanted to go home but I think it was for the best because we will need to save some neat things to see when mom comes to visit again. I hope she comes again soon!


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