Soup’s up

Big let down…I busted my but to prepare for being off for a 4 day weekend from school because months ago we had planned to go to Cornwall for another Cycletta bike race but oh no John had to work in Chicago. Don’t worry I still love him…smile. To prove it last night I made him a lovely Thai inspired soup from this UK cookbook I got at a cookbook store in Notting Hill…



Really, you can’t go wrong with whizzing up your own curry paste. The paste for this soup used lemongrass, coriander, ginger and chillies, again how don’t you love that! John helped with the garnish chopping which was very sweet of him…


He helped to stir too because really he owes me for the loss of a trip to Cornwall…


The flavour was fab and it was quite hearty as well with the egg noodles. Personally, I’d make it again with rice noodles because I feel they are more Thai like but the egg were still very nice. I’d make this again for sure. We both had seconds!…



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