Xmas Sewing!

Did you know that Christmas is around the corner! Seriously, it is and my mom taught me to be prepared and shop early. In this case it’s sew early. As I mentioned a few days back I am sewing placemats for John’s parents for Christmas…


Mom was kind enough to give me some of her Essex Linen and I have added jewel toned fabric by K. Fassett. I think they will go well with her Denby dishes. They went together super quick too…


I made 4 tops in total…


but am waiting for some Lavender Kona I ordered for the backing. Some of the lines got a bit wonky but that just adds to the charm of a handmade treasure, right!!! Stay tuned for the finished product! I think I’ll win favourite daughter in-law award this year, oh wait I’m the only one!

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