It’s a Write Off!

I’m a bit of a Blog slacker right now but if you are a teacher or know any you will know that the first week of school is tough and tiring! Not that I’m complaining at all because we do get sooooo much holiday but still…

You may be interested to see some pictures from school that I took this week…



You will probably see a few hints of red around! Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any of my teaching stuff with me. It’s all sleeping in Lady Fia’s basement. I’ve managed though and I think it looks comfy for the kids. I love that every classroom is equipped with a ceiling mounted data projector and wall mounted Smart interactive white board. It is very useful and motivating for the students. I’ve even been given a laptop. None of this as the norm in Canada. This isn’t even a school in a well off area so I was quite impressed to see all of the technology. Of course you still need to know how to use it effectively!

It’s been a busy week but the kids are lovely. I do have a chatty group though so I’ve had to crack down on them pretty hard in the beginning. I’m sure I’ll be in the full swing of things in a couple of weeks. I need to get knitting to finish presents for the fall!

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