Missed out

I missed out on Julie’s sale last week at the Needle Emporium. It’s always fun to help out because it’s interesting to see what people buy. As she didn’t have it last year I think there were lots of people very much looking forward to this year. As you can see by the line up that started at the Ancaster Fair Grounds site at about 2:30…


Apparently, the first day was crazy busy and a lot of yarn was sold. I wonder if she will have enough for a sale next year?…


It’s hard to know what will go each year but for sure any Noro goes within the first hour. Mom was going to try and get some basic worsted weight in purple to do me a Jared Flood lace blanket! I think this is the one she is doing. I hope so!…


If you didn’t go this time make sure you go to the Needle Emporium website and sign up for the newsletter so that you know about a sale for next year.

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