Vibrant Veggie!

What a flavour sensation tonight for dinner…

There are two main grocery stores in Harpenden, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. Waitrose seems to have more gourmet type foods and I love the simple modern packaging of their name brand products. Sainsbury’s has everything you’d need as well but doesn’t seem as shi shi. What I really love is going to each store and finding their new magazine for the month. They are good magazines, I think Loblaws should consider one!…

20120831-070720 PM.jpg

20120831-070750 PM.jpg
I like reading these every month because I feel I learn a little bit more about English culture and cooking with every issue. The Waitrose magazine is more about the fancy food and wine and Sainsbury’s has a little bit of everything, e.g. fashion, everyday recipes, advice columns etc. I think I prefer the Sainsbury’s magazine better but still get both.

Each month I like to try a few recipes out of each. There are always veggie recipes to be had. John got home from Copenhagen tonight so I decided on 2 Indian recipes from Sainsbury’s in the Anjum Anand feature. She has a new veggie Indian cookbook coming out in September which I’m excited to get. I made the “Grilled paneer and mango salad with ginger dressing” and her “Griddled courgettes with chickpea salsa” (courgettes are zucchini’s for us Canadians)…

20120831-072318 PM.jpg

20120831-072337 PM.jpg

20120831-072357 PM.jpg
We both loved the fresh and vibrant flavour of these dishes. Perfect for a UK and Canadian summer feast!

20120831-072519 PM.jpg

4 thoughts on “Vibrant Veggie!

  1. Love those magazines too, and it might not be too long before Loblaws does this – this the guy who is heading Loblaws now came from Sainsbury or Waitrose. Can’t remember which one!!!

  2. Yummy! I’m missing your help in the kitchen and all the great meals you made at the cottage. Meals aren’t so exciting around here right now.

  3. Did I ever send you the roasted autumn veggies with Halloumi Cheese recipe? It was from Waitrose!! Feel free to send me those recipes above…hint hint 🙂

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