Back to School

It’s that time of year again…new books and pens and back to school clothes. Here in the UK it’s a bit different because all of the children wear uniforms and little black shoes…

If Lady Fia was going to school this year she would wear the Mary Jane pair of these shoes and this little dress…

She’s only 2 though so she’ll have to wait a few years yet but I got her this little uniform to get her ready! The kids here look so sweet in their little outfits. I think it must be cheaper for the parents too. I remember going back to school shopping and wanting so much to wear my new clothes on the first day but it was always way too hot! Ah, late summer in Canada…my fav.

I start work next week so I’m going to have to work really hard to keep quilting and knitting. I have a set of placemats that I would like to work on for John’s parents for Christmas. I gave them a Christmas themed set last year and they use them throughout the year because they like them so much. I figured I could make them an everyday set too this year. Stayed tuned for pics, hopefully by the end of this weekend!

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