At home…

It feels very nice to be home and I have been doing a lot of visiting. HOWEVER… I just talked to John, who is still in England, and he said they are having a heat wave! Really, seriously, the day I leave the sun decides to shine…brutal is all I can say! Oh well!

Stay tuned for Lord Isaac’s Jubilee quilt but before I show you that I forgot to show the quilts that I found in Roland’s house in France…

20120725-081110 PM.jpg

20120725-081137 PM.jpg

20120725-081207 PM.jpg

Apparently, he got 2 of these at the local market for 25 Euros. This makes me think they were certainly not hand done but I still really love the idea of the quilting pattern. I love how the lines are quilted so that they form little squares. When the quilt is lengthways on the bed they actually appear as diamonds. I think it’s really simple, modern and pretty. I also really like how around the edges are just a few rows of straight lines. They also reminded me how fresh and clean a solid white background can be. Also…what a neat idea to use just different alternating striped material with white blocks. I like!

One thought on “At home…

  1. What do you mean you are home!? I am sending Ellie to England tomorrow for 3 weeks on her own, 1 week in Manchester & 2 in London – thought you could meet up whilst she is in London – thats a shame

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