Goodbye days of Leisure!

Sooooo good news…I finally got set up with an agency to teach over here in the UK. I only did 2 supply days before I was offered a long term job for next September until Christmas for sure with the possibility of longer. I have been at the school all this week so needless to say I am exhausted! I actually went to bed at about 7:30 last night lol! I am going to teach a year 3 class which is sort of like grade 2. It’s like the age of grade 2’s with the work of grade 3’s. Anyways, I’m excited and it will be neat to see how the systems differ. I’ve already been told by a 5 year old that I don’t know how to talk properly, funny kid!

On a crafty note, I sat down to maybe knit tonight (the puzzles have been taking over) and I thought I would sew this little sweater together for Lord Isaac…remember…

So I pulled out the pieces to start sewing and hmmmmmm something was missing…

Oh ya Isaac has 2 arms. I thought I was done the knitting, oops. Good thing he’s only teeny so it won’t take long to whip up a sleeve.

I meet my new class tomorrow for 2 hours and the parents so I better get to bed!

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