Quiet Weekend

The weather could not be more horrible!!!! We want to go and see the torch relay in St. Albans today but we might get drenched. So…we have been watching the Tour de France and really puzzling it up!…seriously…



I’m almost done the replacement quilt for Lord Isaac and will show it to you at the end of the summer so that his mummy doesn’t see it here. It does like very cute though and I’ll give you a hint he’s a Jubilee baby.

Mom has been hard at work on quilt tops at home. I got an email yesterday that she was working on one with her Liberty fabric. I sent her a picture of my “English Flower Garden” quilt, done in Liberty fabric, for inspiration. It’s just very simple strips of fabric but effective for showing off the classic fabric designs…

I’m sure she’ll have it done by the time I get home n the 22nd.

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