RIP my gorgeous Dutch bike…remember…

Soooooo I was pretty excited to get this bike. I ordered it online from and I promised John that I had researched my choice well, and I DID, I DID!!! But alas, Harpenden turned out to have many many many more hills than I first thought. I could get up the hills in the this heavy beast of a bike, and looked good doing it, but it was a struggle. I felt incredibly guilty for not anticipating this that I forced myself on more than 1 uncomfortable ride.

Finally, I got up the courage to talk to John about it and we decided that I should try and sell it and then get a new one…well he decided I should sell it first. I on the other hand already had my eye back on one of my original choices, the Trek Allant. Really, you can’t go wrong with a Trek right! I posted my old but still brand new Dutchie on a Preloved items website and finally it sold. I delivered it today. It was bitter sweet. Sad to let it go but glad to have the money to put towards the other bike. Which of course I’ve had awhile now. There is no way I could have waited so long and ordered the Trek about a month ago. It came in sooner than expected and I’ve been happily riding the hills for a few weeks now with all my groceries in tow.

Check it!…




A young teenaged girl named Holly got my bike today and I hope she will be happy with it, it was practically brand new after all!


3 thoughts on “Confession!

  1. Go Go Little Red! You have to enter a picture in Po Campo’s monthly draw. Do you have a bag from them? I can’t remember. Where did you get the basket cover?

  2. At first when I read your heading, I thought your bike had been stolen! Treks are great bikes. Congrats!

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