So, I do have a love for aprons being the domestic type that I am. I have many aprons but have only ever made 1 and it was for John’s mom. But…yesterday I made another using some of the same fabric that I had used before. This is how it happened…John’s parents go on many caravan holidays so I found some fun caravan fabric and made an apron using this pattern…

From the book…

Apparently, it is a big hit at the caravan rallies they go to and she asked me if I had fabric left to make one for her friend. I thought she just wanted the left over fabric but one thing lead to another and I found myself commissioned to whip up an apron…it turned out to be a fun creative challenge…here it is…

I jazzed it up with ribbon on the pockets and summer looking buttons randomly placed. I even used some of those fancy stitches on my machine to do some top stitching…





I have to say that mom inspired the embellishments on the apron because she used buttons and ric rac to fancy up the 3 aprons that she made for me as wedding shower presents 3 years ago. I absolutely love them and they are worth showing off. Especially my strawberry one. She used a special transfer to put copies of my favourite pie recipes onto fabric. On one side is my signature strawberry birthday pie recipe and the other the family Pumpkin pie recipe…



She also made this most worn apron from hens knitting fabric! Classic eh…


And of course the Cinderella apron…don’t ask!…


4 thoughts on “Aprons!

  1. You did a great job on the apron. Sooo nice. John’s Mom should be really pleased with it. You might even get more orders. LOL! Wink! Wink!

  2. Great, great, great, from the campers through the recipes and onto the knitting hens. I just sewed up a last minute birthday gift (pellon lined knitting bag) for a knitting friend and I used that very fabric. I didn’t have the sweet yarn balls matching print though. Fun post!

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