Bayside Update

We have a bit more sunshine here but still it rains and rains! I was out on my bike today and the heavens just opened up and I got soaked!

I have had some time to work on my Bayside Pullover. I was so worried because it looked VERY VERY small on the needles, like for a 6 year old. BUT it seems to stretch amazingly. I also had the sleeves held on safety pin type holders which kept it tight looking. I took these out and put the stitches on a long piece of yarn which allows them to stretch out…


After taking the sleeves off the pins the sweater still looked very small. This picture doesn’t quite capture it but it is tiny…I’m doing the second 36″ size…


Yet it fits and is seems comfortable. I need a bit more room under the arm but I can probably fudge that when picking back up for the sleeves…


6 thoughts on “Bayside Update

  1. Love your fabric choices.Perhaps I could ask you to bring me enough vinyl coated to make two aprons when you come to Georgian Bay.I think I remember seeing some early on the blog.

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