Time to Knit

Well, the day is almost here, mom leaves tomorrow. I can’t believe how time flies! We are taking it easy today and going to John’s sister for dinner. It is a torrential down pour outside right now so we are watching the Tudors mini-series! Very appropriate eh! I think my next visit should be Hever Castle, the home of Anne Boleyn.

I have been able to finish the little Boheme sweater for John’s friend’s baby in Canada. I am mostly happy with how it turned out. I have an old version of the pattern which I find a bit unclear at times but I’m sure the new version that you have to purchase is much better because many people are still knitting this cute little pattern. See more examples here on ravelry. I don’t like how far away the buttons were placed from the edge and that the picot edging rolls so much but minor things I guess. I changed the first 4 stitches to a garter stitch to give it a nicer edge…




To stop the rolling at the bottom I decided to block the sweater out a bit. For a quick fix like this I tend to block by spraying the garment with water and then I weight it down with books. Works like a charm. (I sometimes remember to put a tea towel on top first.)…


It will be ready tomorrow to pack up and mail back to Canada. Hope she likes it and that it will still fit in the Fall because I hear Canada is getting MUCH MUCH MUCH warmer weather than here! (We have been lucky if it gets to 15!)

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