Mom and Little Red’s last days together.

Go Go Little Red and Mom have had a great two weeks together touring all over the English countryside. They have seen lots.
On Friday they spent the day with Little Red’s in-laws driving through the countryside south of London and visiting Chartwell, the country home of Sir Winston Churchill.


Little Red got to sit on a Coronation chair. It was originally a royal blue but has since faded. Anyone who attended the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 were able to buy the chairs for £20 each.


A pond in the garden that was full of gigantic goldfish.

A view of a small lake on the property.
On Saturday Mom and Little Red decided to take it easy. They went to John Lewis, a really nice department store and purchased some gifts for Mom to take home. They also visited a quilting store. The day was finished off with Little Red making a delicious risotto with carrots, broad beans and asparagus for dinner.
Sunday was spent at Woburn Abbey, the estate of the Bedford family. It is now a sanctuary for deer.

Mom and Little Red have never seen so many deer at once. There were thousands of them on the grounds.

Monday was another quiet, lazy day. Mr. Little Red arrived back from Miami early in the morning. Little Red made fresh biscuits so that Mom could have a final cream tea before she left for home on Tuesday. The afternoon and evening were spent with Mr. Little Red’s sister and family in Dormansland, Lingfield south of London.

Could Little Red be looking sad because Mom is leaving soon?
Even though it has rained pretty well every day over the two weeks that Mom has been at Little Red’s, she has had a great vacation. She is looking forward to enjoying the warm weather at home but can hardly wait to visit again.

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