Sorry, Mom, you can’t take that home with you!

Mom has been having a great time with Go Go Little Red. They have been busy, busy, busy!
Here are some things Mom wishes she could take home with her but won’t be able to because of the luggage restrictions on Air Canada.

Mom would love to have this little green house for her backyard. She saw it at the Hert’s Show.

This is Little Red’s new bicycle helmet. How cute is this? Go Go Little Red is styl’n! Why can’t Mom, too? Won’t fit in her suitcase. Dah!

A Graze box. Little Red gets a Graze box delivered through her mail slot twice a week. Each box contains four different healthy snacks. What a neat idea. We have been laughing because this would not be possible at home because mail delivery is so slow. It would be stale by the time it got to us. Too bad.

A great stone wall. Now this would be really silly to bring home. Mom just likes looking at them and thinks they are amazing as they are built without a single bit of mortar and are hundreds of years old.

A Giant Rhubarb plant leaf. A different plant from the rhubarb we know in Canada. We saw this at Chartwell, Sir Winston Churchill’s country estate. Another silly thing to bring home but a nice picture for the blog!

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