Rowan Surprise

A big thank you to Julie, yes Needle Emporium Julie, because she was able to hook mom and I up with a fabulous meeting at Rowan headquarters in Holmfirth up in Yorkshire…

I’m wearing a felted tweed sweater which was the 3rd thing I ever knit after meeting Julie and the store. I thought it appropriate for the occasion. We were quite the privileged guests because we got some very sneak peaks at the new winter line up.
We started in the reception area and the lady working there was lovely and I think has been with Rowan for about 18yrs?…She was working hard after the Bank Holiday weekend…

Things to see in the lobby too…

We did see the room where most visitors hear talks and do workshops but it was in quite a state because they are getting ready for their yearly garment sale so we got the go upstairs!

On the way up we saw the wall where they frame and hang all of their covers…notice top left, the first cover!…


We saw sales and market support for the UK, there were a lot more people than I thought working here. Then we went into the office where the special decision making people work. There is someone that coordinates the photo shoots, a liaison with the knitters who keeps on top of patterns etc. Sorry I can’t remember names and extra job roles but I remember the guy at the front of the picture looks after the website and computer related things…

Everyone seemed extremely nice.

David, design room manager, was super kind enough to show us around and took us upstairs to give us a bit of a history of Rowan and their design process etc. They are designing 18mths in advance so they weren’t really thinking of the new issue I don’t think! We did get to hold a copy hot off the press though, very cool. We also saw many of the new garments from the new book and got the touch them. They are going back to their roots for this issue. I really love one of the colour worked cardis. Very traditional and timeless looking. I know I’m being a bit vague but we were sworn to secrecy!

We even got goody bags that we were very excited about. David was funny because he thinks it’s cute that everyone gets so excited about visiting because he works there everyday! After meeting with us he was going to a university fashion school fashion show. I think it’s really cool and smart to invest in the newest up and coming talents. This helps to keep Rowan at the couture end of knitting I’m sure.

In our goody bags we were pleased to get a ball each of the new winter yarns!!! I have them all here in my hot little hands but sorry promised not to show them yet! When I hear from Julie that she’s got them in the store I’ll show you what we got. I did get a few things I can show, the new Rowan baby book, sooooooo cute and some pamphlets and posters etc…



One thought on “Rowan Surprise

  1. I’m glad that you and your mom had a good visit. I hope you can’t feel the jealous vibes that I am feeling right now. 🙂
    We can’t show pictures or talk about magazine 52 yet but in my opinion it is one of the best magazines in the last few years. Can’t wait until we can talk about it and compare which we want to make.

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