Jubilee Wrap Up

Poor John had to leave for a meeting in Miami on the last day of the Jubilee celebrations but I don’t feel too bad for him because it HASN’T STOPPED RAINING and he’s in the sunshine!!! Mom is getting the full British experience that’s for sure. Good thing she got a new raincoat for the occasion…


On Monday we returned to Waddesdon Mannor to take mom for a cream tea. I booked it in advance and I’m glad I did. Because it was very busy…


It was delicious! I could have a cream tea everyday if I didn’t care about fitting into my clothes!
We got a few other good pics of the grounds that I didn’t get last time around. Check out the floral display…





After taking John to the airport on Tuesday we went to Windsor castle as it was right around the corner from Heathrow, I didn’t realise it was so close. It was far to busy to try and go in the castle but I figured I’m taking John to and fro the airport all the time so we can go back. We did do a little city tour and looked around…


We also saw Eton College, unfortunately school is not on right now so no seeing the boys in their pinstripes and tail coats. Can you imagine!!!



Oh and I have been knitting some…a baby sweater for a friend of John’s. It’s a little pattern called Boheme by Allegra Wermuth. I’m doing it in Zara which is one of my favourite double knit yarns for baby clothes. It’s washable…

20120607-081925 PM.jpg

20120607-081954 PM.jpg

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