I’m back

Ok, I can’t let mom do all the writing. We have done so much over this long Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. I’m not even British but I definitely feel quite patriotic, I am a Common Wealther though! It really has been an amazing time being here. I really wanted to go to the Thames Pageant on Saturday but we got up and it was far too cold and rainy so we totally wimped out and watched it on t.v. (When i saw the millions lining the banks of the Thames I really did feel an old fart for not making us go!) In the morning we did venture out to a National Trust, of course…Wimpole Estate…one of my fav’s so far because it was so homey…

It was nice to take pictures inside. There was even a lady playing nice music on the piano which really added to the atmosphere…



Interestingly, I believe this is correct, the lady who gave this property to the trust was the daughter of Rudyard Kipling who wrote the Jungle Book and on display is her original copy, with inscription…

There is also a working farm…

We got to see another sheep being sheared, by hand shears this time…

Crafty note…they were having a dying, spinning and knitting display…

We loved the piggies!!!! Soooooo cute, all little Wilburs…



John couldn’t resist taking this photo of me in the beautiful walled garden…

No one will forget the incredibly cold and rainy Jubilee! It didn’t damper any spirits though!

We were going to rush home to watch the boats on the Thames and the Queen on her Royal Barge, the spirit of Chartwell, but we were so close to Cambridge that it was a shame not to stop. (Don’t worry we watched the Pageant on the BBC Iplayer site when we got home.) I think of my friend Nicola because she actually went to school here, she’s very smart!…



Since mom has been here I haven’t done any sewing but we did find another Cally Co store in Cambridge. It is quite cute but we only got a few minutes because they were just closing…


Sadly, we didn’t buy anything.

Funny side note….mom came to England with dad about 20 years ago and they either came to Cambridge or Oxford but mom couldn’t remember which soooooo John text dad to ask him and he wrote back that he was 50 percent sure it was Cambridge!!! Classic dad!


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