Carry on shopping, Day 2 (photo heavy)

Friday saw Little Red and Mom back in London, after all it is only a 30 minute train ride from Harpenden to St. Pancras Station. There is a Cath Kidson store at the station and you have to walk by it to get to the tube. Well, really, you can’t walk by. You have to go in and shop. Can you believe that Little Red doesn’t have a small purse that looks nice and can be used for everyday outings? Outrageous! Mom had to rectify that situation and so Little Red was treated to this…

As promised here is what was in the purple Liberty bags
Some for Sarah (Mom treat for Little Red)

And some for Mom

The fabric is so soft and Mom figures she will get two quilts from her buy. She could have bought a blouse but thinks that a quilt will be around a lot longer and will be a great reminder of her London trip. But she didn’t stop there. The London fabric was calling to her “Buy me, buy me!”

Next stop was Harrods food hall to get a tin of English Breakfast tea for Little Red’s Grammie.
London is decked out in flags and many stores had great window displays in red, white and blue.

How about those shoes, eh?
Next on the agenda was a visit to the Borough Market under London Bridge. Wow! Lots of different food.

Kangaroo burgers?

Ostrich eggs and ostrich feather dusters!

A booth with many different kinds of licorice.

Look at those hunks of freshly made French butter, salted or unsalted.

Raclette. Yummy! Mom remembers having this when she worked in Interlaken, Switzerland years ago when she was much, much younger. There they served it with boiled baby potatoes and gherkin pickles. It’s sooo good.
To finish the day, Little Red and Mom took the train home but got off one stop away in St. Albans. They had $ left over from Aunt Nora’s gift and decided to have dinner at the new Jamie Oliver restaurant called Jamie’s Italian. Again, another great meal. Thanks Aunt Nora.

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