Keep calm and carry on shopping!

Go Go Little Red and Mom spent Thursday and Friday in London staying very,very calm with some sight seeing and lots of shopping.

First stop on Thursday was at Loop, a knitting store with some interesting and neat things. Mom got the “Loops” knitting book and treated Little Red to a baby sweater pattern called “Mignon” and cute little mouse buttons.

20120603-091047 AM.jpg

Squinting is not a good look on Mom!
Next stop was The Makery, a craft store with quilting fabric and lots of other crafting supplies. Nothing was purchased here as Mom was saving her $$$ for fabric at Liberty.

20120603-091309 AM.jpg

Lunch was next. Thanks to Aunt Nora (who unbeknownst to Mom had emailed $ to Sarah for a special Mom/daughter lunch)we had lunch at Ottolenghi. Sarah has Yotam’s cookbook “Plenty” and had been looking forward to trying his restaurant. The food was delicious.


20120603-091322 AM.jpg
After lunch we jumped on the tube and went straight to Liberty. Mom was pretty excited. You could say she had a fabric “fit!” Some background is necessary….. Mom always said she would never start quilting because as a knitter she knew that quilters like knitters can accumulate a stash of fabric. But Sarah would have none of this and after she started quilting she convinced Mom that she would really enjoy it. If you know Sarah, you know she can be very convincing sometimes. So now Mom is into quilting and “yes” she now has a fabric stash. Blame it on Sarah!!!
What did we get at Liberty? What is in those purple bags? You will see tomorrow.


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