Guest Blogger!!!

Go Go Little Red is tired today so Mom gets to post on the blog. I arrived at Heathrow around 9:00pm on Tuesday evening. I had a great flight. I am glad I wasn’t able to upgrade to business class because the flight seemed to be only half full and so I was able to have a centre section of three seats all to myself. John and Sarah were waiting for me. Hugs all round and then we had a 45 minute ride to Harpenden. I really like their flat. It is spacious but cosy and I think they are very comfortable here. Right away I have noticed a few things that are different from home. One is that the lever to flush the toilet is on the opposite side of the tank. Every time I use the facilities I turn to my right to flush and realise I should have turned to the left. I am used to it now but think there will have to be retraining when I return home!

On Wednesday we went grocery shopping, stopped at Cafe Nero for a chai latte and walked around Harpenden town centre looking at the shops. Right away I noticed many “Keep calm and ….” signs. I think we have all seen the red and white “Keep calm and carry on” sign but how about this…

Well, we decided we better hang a bunting at the flat. There are lots hanging all over town in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee celebration. The only problem was that we couldn’t find any. That meant we were on a mission. Quart women on a mission! Look out, because we can be determined. Of course we were successful and found a package of bunting in a small variety store. Doesn’t it look great?

Some of the other “Keep calm “signs won’t be hard to follow….


We had lots of “calm” on Thursday and Friday as both days were spent on London. Lots of walking, sight seeing and shopping. That is why Go Go Little Red is so tired today. Can’t keep up to Mom who is ready to go on this Saturday morning even though it is cold and rainy.
More on our London days to follow. In the mean time, some more “Keep calm and …..!”





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