Mom is here!

We picked up mom at Heathrow last night so let the adventures begin!

Before her arrival I had been working hard on using up my Aneela Hoey “walk in the woods” fabric. Remember I had made a simple 9 patch quilt top the other day…


I decided I could use the same process to make small square patches, 25 little squares. I loved the look but was sad to not see more of the fabric because the patterns are too cute for this fabric. Soooooo I decided to mix the patch squares with solid ones to show off the fabric. I think it turned out well, now I just have too do the backs and put them together. I had ordered more of this fabric for the backs from Fabricworm and mom brought it with her…



I cut 10″ squares of fabric and once sewn together they came down to 8″ squares. I sewed them up with 8″ strips of white in between…



Then sashed them together to finish…



4 thoughts on “Mom is here!

  1. I love your blog…very interesting and such beautiful pics. I also follow Julie’s blog so found you thru hers. You helped me in the store a few times too!

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