Early weekend update!

We are normally so busy on the weekend that I don’t have a lot of time to sit and write a post, or am too tired! We are home early this Sunday night though and I thought I would write in almost real time. Also, my mom comes on Tuesday and will be super busy with her very soon!!!

Our weekend started early this time with a trip into London on Friday for John’s work. He had a meeting until about 2 so I went with him and we explored afterwards. We took a quick jaunt down Portabello Road in Notting Hill but it was not market day so it was more quiet than usual I think. Although, it was still a pretty happening place regardless. It was a very eclectic area with vintage shops mixed in with cafes and high street shops, bizarre but obviously very spirited! Here are a couple of good shots…



I hope to bring mom back on a market day to see the place in full action.

It was about 6 when we decided to head home and the thought of getting in a crowded tube made me cringe so I shocked the stuffing out of John by suggesting that we start walking to St. Pancras and just catch a tube if we got tired. (FYI, I hate walking. It’s too slow! I prefer to do other exercise and then be able to park as close to things as I want!) I sucked it up this time though because the weather was perfect and I think you miss so much of the city if you always just take the tube. I’m glad we did because we walked about an hour and saw some beautiful sights that John had never seen…



We found out later that this is the area called Little Venice, going into a very posh area called St. John’s Wood.

I love St. Pancras station. There is so much to see and do and some nice restaurants too. There is also a grand old hotel there built around the 1860’s. We ate at it’s restaurant in the old Booking Office. I had the best truffle chips! Yum. John was wandering around and found the renovated hotel staircase…wow…


As you can see St. Pancras is ready for the Olympics!…


Very randomly…today we went to a Jubliee Air Show at Duxford. I had no idea John loved airplanes so much. He was like a kid in a candy store. We ate our lunch by a tank…as you do…

I got a few pictures of the show but it’s hard without a fancy dancy camera…



The planes did some cool tricks. I’ll leave you tonight with a message of love from Duxford!…


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