Jelly Roll

Treaties in the mail! I needed to order some white kona cotton but got side tracked by an on sale moda jelly roll. I feel like I shouldn’t be into per-cut packs because they seem lazy and you can really only get a 2″ ish strip from them but there is just something about the beauty of how they are rolled up that gets me every time…


Seriously, how gorgeous! I just want to eat it up…and the cute bow and label too.This is Lucie Summers for Moda called Summerville. I didn’t even want to take it apart but wanted to take a better look at the fabric selection of course…







I have also been hard at work on a quilt top for a little girl. I love this little 9 patch baby quilt that was inspired by the first person to teach me quilting, Johanna Masko. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with her. I believe she still teaches at Greenwood in Guelph and some places in Toronto. She is very creative and talented. I used to go for lessons with her in Toronto but life gets busy and I haven’t heard from her in years, shame. This is Aneela Hoey fabric…



Hopefully, I can get it quilted and finished tomorrow. If it remains this sunny out though I’ll be out for a bike ride too!!!


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