Jam Packed Weekend

Well, John and I sure do pack it in on the weekends. I don’t know how he has the energy sometimes because he often must be quite jet lagged. Feel that we need to make the most of our stay here though.
On Saturday we headed north to the Peak District to visit a distant relative who had been kind enough to put me up years ago when I was backpacking around. The Peak District is a stunning area of the UK. It feels like you are in the middle of a Jane Austin novel!

On the way there we found a quilting store in an old church…


I picked up a few things that I will share tomorrow. Today’s post is all about the weekend!

We were able to go for a nice bike ride as well but I really do need to get in better shape if I’m going to be cycling so many hills! After our ride we went for a nice meal at a quaint pub up in the hills…


(Russell and John outside the pub.)
It was a lovely visit and we hope to go back in the fall. (Hopefully, with with my grandparents!)

Sunday was a whirl wind…

After setting off from Russell’s we tried to make a few stops to take some pictures of the Peak District…they don’t quite do it justice though…




On the way home we stopped at another National Trust site, Hardwick Hall. I think this might have been one of my favourites so far. It was built by Bess of Hardwick in the late 1500’s. Apparently, she was quite the formidable character. There was a ruins of the old house on site as well as the preserved new home. The old ruins were amazing, especially because you could walk up to the top floor at one end to look out. Check out the beautiful plaster work that still exists…





Of course the kitchen bakery room, my favourite place!

Beautiful view of the new house from the old ruins…

I love the free audio tours you get for the ruins at some sites. It makes it so much more meaningful, you’ll have to visit to hear it!

I wasn’t blown away by the new house BUT I very appreciated it because of the tapestry work. I have never seen a house where EVERY wall was covered in gorgeous tapestries from floor to ceiling. I’ve seen it in other houses on certain walls but not in pretty much the whole house. They were terribly faded and the trust is working to clean and preserve them. It was nice to be able to take pictures in this house so I will share a few…




This house was occupied up until the 60’s I believe so it has a more modern kitchen…I want it!!!…



Outside the grounds we also got to visit another little Trust site, the Stainsby Mill. It is still a working mill which is quite unusual. The volunteer inside was very informative and eager to tell about the mill and how it works. It is a bucket mill wheel which John was impressed to see…



We bought some spelt flour that came with a bread recipe I’m going to try.

And the day kept on keeping on…

We were passing by Nottingham so John took me to the white water centre that used to be his second home. He was quite nostalgic about it but thought it was looking old and not quite as impressive as he remembered it, maybe because he’s spent time recently at the new Olympic site!!!…


Then we drove home! Phew!!!

2 thoughts on “Jam Packed Weekend

  1. Don’t you just love how the old churches are renovated and given a new lease on life. I have seen a nightclub (that felt a little odd at first going into a church and ordering shots) and many restuarants – and now a quilting store!!! Please show more pictures of the Peak District. Its a goregous area.

  2. Ohh now that I see the full posting – I got the photo’s I was hoping for!!!
    Brilliant photo’s – and the story you tell!!!
    I love it and look forward to your blog!

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